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Hard Money Loan

A hard money loan is a very singular type of mortgage in which the loan is secured by a valuable asset such as real estate. This type of loan is most often used for the purchase of business real estate, but in some cases it can be used for private funding. The money itself usually comes from private sources, most often from the area in which the property in question is located.

A hard money loan can be collateralized against the property that the borrower is purchasing. If the structure of the loan is set up this way, the cash value of the loan is usually for about 70% of the quick sale value of the property itself. Because the loan is secured against real property, a borrower usually opts for a hard money loan as a last resort in times of financial distress. Sometimes it is the only form of financing possible, since credit score isn’t a huge factor in qualifying for the loan.

Private capital investors rarely take a look at a person’s credit rating, more often paying attention to the money making capabilities of the venture they are financing. Due to the structure of the loan as it relates to the value of the collateral, it is rarely the whole source of financing for any given project. Interest rates for hard loans are usually a bit higher than a standard mortgage. While the interest rate may be somewhat regulated by government agencies so it doesn’t get too high, hard money loans are not very tightly regulated. The rules of the industry are so different from the standard financing field that normal rules don’t apply. In an almost comical turn of events, the nearly complete deregulation of the industry has allowed hard loans to be incredibly speedy and efficient, now that government has been taken out of the equation.

A hard money loan, therefore is often a good source of quick capital for ailing businessmen. Unfortunately, predatory lending tactics aren’t uncommon, driving up the price of the loan. If you see yourself in the market for a this type of loan, make sure you use a professional real estate attorney, or you could become a victim yourself.

What Is a Special Finance Auto Loan?

Perhaps you have seen the term ‘special finance auto loan’ online when you were shopping around for car loans. If you are not familiar with the term, what it means is that auto loans are available to people with poor or bad credit. The most recent statistics tell us that sixty percent of all consumers have less than perfect credit. These consumers are not typically allowed to borrow money from traditional banks because banks check credit ratings and flatly refuse to loan people with bad credit money. People with bad credit are considered to be ‘special’ cases, so hence the term special finance auto loan was contrived.

Special loans for auto finance are widely available today. As the economy has taken another turn for the worse, more and more people are struggling financially. Many people are falling behind on their bills and cannot pay off their credit balances on time. This leads to the fall in their credit rating, making it impossible to buy a new car, as traditional banks refuse to lend them money. However, thanks to the special finance auto loan the typical consumer who is having money troubles can drive the car of their dreams, as many lenders have emerged over the past couple of years offering to lend money to ‘high-risk’ individuals.

While a special finance auto loan may be convenient, it does has its pitfalls. The interest rates for this type of auto loan can range anywhere from 5 to 26% which is quite high and higher than what is charged by traditional banks. Another negative aspect associated with the typical special finance auto loan is the fact that the down payment required for this type of loan can range from 20 to 50%, which is also high.

Another thing that happens with the typical special finance auto loan is the fact some car dealers will inflate the prices of the cars they offer under this type of financing. This type of dishonest dealer will take a car worth $5000 and jack the price of it up to $10,000. The dealer will then require a down payment of 20% and finance the balance at 25%. The unfortunate buyer (who is often quite desperate) will then be tied into a contract with a very high interest rate on a car that is only worth half of what they paid. Plus, quite often this buyer will default on the loan which will ruin their credit even more. If the buyer is able to make the payments on the special finance auto loan they will have paid double the amount of what they would have had to pay for the same car purchased from an honest dealer at a fair price.

For the consumer with very poor credit, a special finance auto loan can seem like a God-send. A person will be able to borrow the money they need to buy a car. However, they will be paying a high rate of interest and will also have to pay a large down payment. The lenders offering this type of loan are making a whole lot of money, lending money to people with poor and bad credit, and they seem to be appearing out of nowhere as more and more websites are being added to the Internet daily.