Commercial Mortgage Lenders – Hard Money Loans

If you are starting up a new business or wanting to expand an existing one, chances are you will need financing. Whether looking to buy property, machinery, material, or other high cost items, getting the financing to do so can be tough in today’s economic climate.You will find this to be especially true when trying to go through a traditional bank. Even if you are able to get the funding that you’re looking for, you will be waiting for months before the loan finally gets funded. In the recent past, the number of borrowers that have defaulted on their loans has risen drastically. For that reason, banks are being much more cautious before financing any business venture. They are going to be very picky when they do credit checks. If there are any issues, they are going to be quick to turn you down.

Fortunately there are still options for getting financed. Due to the banks refusing to provide funding in today’s economy, a lot of loans are being privately funded. Many private lenders will lend their own money for their own portfolios. These lenders are generally funded by hedge funds or wealthy individuals with large pools of capital. The breakdown of the collateralized mortgage bond market has not crippled these unique lenders. Originating loans is not an issue for them because they don’t have to worry about who may or may not want to buy them. Another benefit to private loans, or hard money loans is that they take a very short amount of time to close, as opposed to conventional loans which often take a few months to fund if you are even able to get the approved. You generally don’t have to worry about a loan committee or huge stacks of paperwork. There are no complex ratios to deal with either. If they like your deal and you have shown them that you can pay back the loan back, then usually they will close your loan no matter how things are going in the conventional marketplace.

Do not get discouraged due to the fact that the conventional mortgage industries aren’t willing to offer financing because there are plenty of commercial mortgage lenders that are able to fund your deal