Simplifying Your Finances

Everything begins in your head. Do away with the idea that being rich has something to do with money. It is a mistake to determine wealth or poverty by figures and comparisons with other people. Any poor person will know someone who is even poorer than he is. Every rich person knows someone who has more assets. And nobody is poor just because he or she doesn’t have much money.

With the following tips, you can simplify your finances and have it under control and you will experience a new dimension of wealth:

1 – Write down your expenses. You don’t need to turn this into a form of private bookkeeping. It’s really not imperative what you do with the lists you make. The important thing is that the written form makes you aware of the money you’re spending. A good many silly, spontaneous purchases are prevented because your unconscious mind thinks, “Oh dear, tomorrow I’ll glance at my spending list and I’ll regret this nonsense!” Bottom line is awareness of your finances must not lure you to be crazily extravagant.

Moreover, people who buy things they can’t afford and then can’t pay the bills for them are complicating their finances. They insult their creditors by not giving them what is due.

2 – Avoid being tempted. Pay by cash whenever and wherever possible. The temptation to pay with a credit card is great; hence, you lose your feeling for the amounts you are spending. Take your credit card only when you need to pay a huge amount that you don’t want to carry around with you in cash. And when you pay, imagine the card in your hand turning into a bundle of dollar bills and then, in your imagination, you pay out the amount in cash in the checkout counter.

3 – Always be fair in your financial transactions. It’s better for you to pay more attention to your relationship with people than to the numbers alone. Make friends by treating other people fairly in financial matters. A small generosity in the right place will do wonders for your relationship with a supplier, a trades-person, supplier, or service provider.

4 – Think positively about money. Even if you still have debts or you have no idea how you are going to earn a living soon, don’t fall into condemning money. Keep in mind that what you think will become a reality for you – if you hate money and wealth, then these things won’t come your way. A person who hates money will tend to think negatively about his capacity to work.

Your work is what you think of it. In like manner, your economic situation is what you think of it. Aim to simplify your finances, and it will be.